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Amethista - Realitale - 30%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

Huh. The promo sheet says melodic black metal, but the cover looks like a fucked up techno album, so I’m a little sceptical right from the start. And when I turn the CD on a dose of melodic, symphonic, goth influenced black metal hits me. It’s a really bad dose too, and my scepticism grows…

A gal calling herself AEretica dose all vocals, which means clean, screams and growls, but neither of styles well. The gnarly black metal screams are pretty irritating, and while she does manage to keep clean notes the clean parts ends up sounding like a bad version of Tarja Turunen (ex-Nightwish). So vocal wise this is really not hitting the spot… Musically it’s very melodic black metal, relying heavily on the keyboard for symphony. A lot of goth influences can be distinguished in the mish mash of thrashy and heavy metal-ish riffing, annoying vocals and abysmal symphony. The whole output is a lot like an even crappier version of Cradle of Filth. This should be an early demo instead of a debut album clocking in at almost 50 minutes of terrible music and un-synched musicianship. I’m glad this review is over ‘cause I don’t wanna spend another minute listening to this crap!

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