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Indeed A Monument of Might - 80%

CannibalCorpse, December 27th, 2006

I stumbled across this little EP when I was searching for Black Metal bands from my homeland. While I found quite a few interesting bands, Amestigons connection to bands like Abigor and Summoning made me gain quite some interest.

"Remembering Ancient Origins" embraces the listener with a brooding synth piece simply entitled "Intro". It definitely sets the (dark) tone for the EP; the songs themselves are very melodic, with quite a lot of guitar harmonies and a very strong bass-presence. Silenius' vocals are mostly high-pitched shrieks in the typical Norwegian vein, only occassionally shifting to a lower tone.

The production itself is rather average for a BM EP, the guitars are heavily distorted, have a very trebly sound and are very high in the mix. Unfortunately, the drum sound is buried in the mix and at times less audible than the bass guitar (!), which can be heard very well. The vocals appear from both speakers in a subtle, yet convincing manner. Tharen (ex-Abigor) is stated as the keyboard player, but apart from the intro, I can't remember hearing much of him.

To cut a long story short, I'm glad I discovered Amestigon - great melodic riffs and well thought out, if somewhat repetitive song structures grant a good listen. If you like melodic, yet raw Black metal, check these Austrians out. You won't be disappointed.