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Very good start! - 80%

makaze, September 14th, 2004

One of the most expected releases on Serbian metal scene is definitely Amentes' debut album, entitled "It Could All Have Vanished". Tensions were well risen with demo recording of song "IX", which was featured on many radio-shows and web sites (you can still give it a listen - check out our mp3 archive). Musically speaking, Amentes are playing some sort of progressive doom/death/gothic metal, filled with great keyboards, drum playing and atmosphere. The album itself, was recorded in famous Paradox studio (Smederevo, SR-CG) and talking about production it was well done (except few things about guitars, drums and very loud keyboards... but for first album, the job was done very well). "It Could All Have Vanished" features 8 studio songs and total playing time of 53 minutes. For the start, I would pick incredible song, and first single, entitled "IX" - keyboards are amazing, and other instruments only add to great melancholic atmosphere. This song really shines like a diamond and I believe it will pick up the attention of all you doom lovers. Second pick would be "Vidim", song written on Serbian language, whose main melody is based completely on keyboards. The only thing that I don't like in here is too loud clean piano sound. "Master of Emotion" features loads of energy like the first song, blowed off with powerful growling vocals! Drums are played extremely well and technical. Second single, "The Path Below Me", goes into more progressive sound stated through doom/death metal. Funeral keyboards are creating wall of sound inside which other instruments are struggling against each other. Construction of the songs is pretty good - you can notice that each second was written very carefully. Doom metal is young genre in Serbia, but Amentes are taking it to the whole new level, with quality music...