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Enjoyable old school black metal - 90%

Thrasher666, October 3rd, 2003

I saw this cd in the used bin for $7, so I picked it up. I could tell it was a black metal album because of the song titles and album cover. I was not disapointed with this release. The drumming is average, blasts through just about every song. The vocals are very thrashy, they remind me of a less harsh (but still brutal) version of Impiety (Singapore). The guitar riffs are really old school, not really in the vein of bands like Mayhem, Bathory or Darkthrone, but old school none-the-less. I was suprised to find out that this band is Japanese, I find them alot darker than bands like Sabbat and Sigh. This release isn't anything to get too excited over, but if you want some good, dark, and morbid black metal, pick it up.