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Take Notes Evanescence/Nightwish - 85%

NocturnalToke, July 12th, 2005

While Evanescence I can hardly conisder a band, and Nightwish is nothing more than cheesey 80s metal on steroids with an obnoxious "opera" singer to boot. Ambeon is how you're SUPPOSED to utilize GOOD female vocals with a metal/ambient backdrop. Astrid van der Veen has one of the most beautiful ambient and powerful voices I've ever encountered.

The great this about this project is that it is yet another brain child of the multi talented Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon,Star One) who has an affinity for "space themed" metal, and this record "Fate Of Dreamer" certainly exudes a certain spacey quality to it. The music itself is by no means the most complicated, groundbreaking work I've ever heard, but on the other hand, technicality doesn't always mean a good record.

This particular album focuses more on creating a pleasant ambient soundscape, equipped with multiple effects minus the dreaded "cheese factor" with a dash of heavy metal. There are some really nice grooves created by the drummer and bassist on Fate Of A Dreamer, which is defenitley the strong point of this album. The guitars are more of an accent than a prominent element within the music. This is rather unusual for Arjen seeing as how he loves shredding on both guitar and the keyboard (which he is really really good at) on most of his projects. The metal aspect of this album is really a treat because it breaks the stereotype of all metal being this loud, non sensical noise and proves it can be crafted into a really relaxing and fulfilling entity, as far as music as a whole is concerned.

Two highlight tracks on this album would have to be both "Ashes" and "Cold Metal". Ashes being the more subdued track and Cold Metal being a bit heavier and even a little doom which is pretty cool. These two tracks best encompass what this album is all about as far as musical compositon is concern.

For the more open-minded metal heads in search of something more than an album with 10 or 12 tracks of blast beats and blood curdling screams, Ambeons' "Fate Of Dreamer" is a breath of fresh air within the whole ambient,groove, metal...umm, "scene". (God i HATE that word) Give it a listen and enjoy!