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80's BM... Bathory worship! - 90%

lost_forgotten_soul, January 23rd, 2007

When I first listened to this demo the first album that came to my mind was Bathory's "Bathory". And I think that's ok, as Amazarak call themselves 80's Black Metal. Yeah, it's all here: short songs with great riffs, fast-paced drumming and solos and aggressive harsh vocals. Their music is basically Speed/Thrash Metal with blasphemous lyrics (much more than those made by Bathory).
The English titles of the songs would be "Blasphemy Command", "Staining of Blood the Throne of God", "Under Unholy Attacks" and "Blasphemy Hymn". All of them are really great and the pace is kept through the whole demo. In the end we have a cover for "Sacrifice" which fits the demo well, not very different from the original version.
The production is raw and harsh, but you can listen clearly to all the instruments. Very enjoyable music, highly recommended for old-school BM fans.