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No DM maniac shall be spared - 80%

dismember_marcin, April 14th, 2012

I could speak for hours on the subject of old Swedish death metal scene. I absolutely love it and surely can say it’s my best time, scene and sound among all metal subgenres ever. No denying, Sweden has spawned so many great bands at the time between 1988-93 like no other place in the world and I just happen to like most of them. I don’t care if the band X sounded like Entombed and band Y had a song like Dismember, I loved it anyway. Part of my Swedish fascination is about the fact that it hides many bands, which have never been popular, never released a full length or sometimes not even 7”EP – but despite that, their music is a classic and killer stuff. So many bands stayed underground and split up without a good contract, even though their music was just a damn crushing death metal machine, that it’s a shame! Just think of Nirvana 2002, Adversary and Evocation... And Altar!!!!!!!! Although Altar did appear on a split CD / LP, but they never really got that much attention and didn’t put the full length out. Were they any worse than some of their countrymen?? No, not at all. It may have been a matter of unluckiness or simply the scene at the time didn’t need another death metal band from Sweden, especially when black metal warriors started the arsons and murders – and occasionally also released some cult albums ha, ha!

“No Flesh Shall Be Spared” is great example of a demo that survived the test of time and even 20 years later it is a blast (from the past)! It’s been recorded in 1991, so at the moment I’m writing this review it’s been 20 years since then. But the sound / songs from it are still able to seriously kick arses of many metal maniacs. It definitely does kick mine! There are four brilliant death metal songs that take influence from both the European as well as the American schools of death metal gut ripping. Some stunning riffs and catchy tunes are accompanied by US brutality and it’s obvious these guys loved Benediction and Massacre, (old) Death and Autopsy equally to Entombed. Many riffs seem like they’re totally familiar to me, like I’ve heard them before, but I somehow cannot recognise the band that could have been playing it earlier – especially the opening motif for the title song sounds like a “déjà vu” to me! Damn, I just know it, every tune and drum part in it, but I don’t know what other band could have been playing it (Baphomet maybe??)! Especially “Severed On the Attic” is Autopsy-influenced track, with its awesome riffs and gory atmosphere and some faster riffage in the middle part. Anyway, all songs are played rather in catchy mid tempos, based on simple but moshable riffs, while to vocals are really guttural and creepy. With occasional horror intros (from “Hellraiser” for instance) altogether we get a great portion of gory death metal in old school vein, with great sound and songs. I just cannot say anything wrong about that demo. So what that it isn’t innovative and original? It’s got the feeling, great riffs and dark atmosphere. I love to listen to it and that’s what matters most. Recommended cult stuff!