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No More Flesh to Spare! - 65%

Menech_Seiha, February 18th, 2005

Coming from Sweden, the band known as Altar, and the Dutch death-thrashers with the same name, may have thought their moniker fitted the music they played. However, the similarities with Sweden-based Altar and the death-thrash scene end there. Altar’s four-tracker entitled ‘No Flesh…’ is a piece of average death metal that unfortunately sounds like most Euro bands. Even though the tape is not a great record, the music found here has a kind of flexible sound which allows each instrument to be equally heard. The vocals are low-pitched and boring and there are moments when the band just concentrates in prolonged instrumental sections. The guitar department is decent but the melody factor is missing. In fact, the title track boasts more involved arrangements that make it the demo tape’s spearhead. In a few words, the Altar’s sound does not convey much emotion or intimidation. It almost sound like any ‘90s death metal band devoid of intensity and, consequently, leaving ‘No Flesh…’ as a flavorless and forgettable attempt.