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Man or Machine. - 90%

Andromeda_Unchained, November 28th, 2011

A lot of bands are mining this vein of heavy/power metal at the minute, with bands such as Steelwing, Enforcer and White Wizzard acting as though the 80's never ended. Germany's Alpha Tiger can add themselves to this bunch, although their production values are ever so slightly more modern, and of course with the band being German there is a little more power metal influence throughout.

The sounds on Man or Machine are hardly original by any stretch of the word, but the sound is a godly mix of both the US and German schools of speed metal, with touches of NWOBHM, thrash and the aforementioned power metal nods. The band has uncovered a truly talented vocalist in Stephan Dietrich. He can wail with the best of them and he reminds me of John Arch and particularly Rick Mythiasin, although Stephan's delivery is just a tad more nasal. As far as the music goes, this is great. The band play with a certain honesty that feels humble in places, the arrangements feel organic and flow nicely although some tracks could be seen as a little overlong.

The guitar playing is excellent, with the band dusting off just about every trick in the book. A lot of the solos sections really remind me of 80's Helloween and Gamma Ray, which is just bloody fantastic. To be honest, Alpha Tiger don't put a foot wrong throughout the duration of Man or Machine. I'm so sold on this band, and I just hope they can make a good name for themselves because they've put together a collection of nine excellent tracks that fans of early Fates Warning, Steel Prophet, Helloween, and Iron Maiden would do very well to check out. While not original, this is heartfelt and played with conviction, and 80's metal fans need this. Well done lads!

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