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Almafuerte - En vivo Obras 2001

Fuck yes! Live ownage - 86%

Gabometal86, June 11th, 2005


That was it. My dream is fulfilled. After years of waiting, I had the chance to see Almafuerte recording a live album, what I did. I never thought I would see them on the recording of this album. When I heard that the band was about to record that album in the Obras stadium, I thought I was the "chosen one". This concert was just for me.... :-) So here is my review for the show and the live album. Hope you like it!!!

The concert was completely sold out (standing area was), even the second ring at the Obras Stadium was used. But it was very busy. There were no support acts, and that’s a relief because many times, support acts tend to be really "throw-away" bands.

When the band came on stage about quarter past ten the crowd went nuts. Iorio screamed something like "Que me vengan a discriminar ahora, hijos de puta" and all people, were screaming with him. The show started with “Almafuerte” and everybody was singing. There were no songs on that the crowd wasn't singing.

Tano Marciello is one of the most intense guitarists I ever saw. That day, his face would snarl and contort all the time he played. He played both with a pick and finger picking with equal dexterity. Iorio was so damn stoned (he had probably smoked 3 kilos of dope before going onstage) that he couldn’t even handle the bass, so a guest musician performed as bassist during some songs. Valencia was mediocre but he had always been mediocre, so I can’t really complain about it.

They played “Lucero Del Alba”, “El Pibe Tigre”, “Las Aguas Turbias Suben Esta Vez”, “Homenaje”, “1999”, “A Vos Amigo” and lots of songs I love from their elder and newest albums, and then towards the end came the most beautiful moment of the night; the band played “Popurri” which was a medley containing songs from Iorio´s previous bands V8 and Hermetica. Fuck yes! A total proof of live ownage.

It’s a shame they didn’t include the rest of the songs they played that hot night of November, because some of them were incredibly crafted featuring lengthy yet entertaining solos.

During the show and in between the songs, Iorio interacted with the crowd by introducing the songs in a nasty way and insulting his enemies (more like detractors), something like “This one is dedicated to the Jews and cumguzzlers who pretend to know something about heavy music but haven’t ever heard about us” and etc, etc.

Conclusion: 77 minutes of Almafuerte´s classics performed live almost flawlessly. Some of the best minutes of my life!.