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Kick ass demo! - 80%

makaze, September 14th, 2004

From Scandinavia (Norway to be precise) comes one more band, named Allfader. Most of you will probably ask yourself what's so special about them. To be honest, these guys do not carry any revolution and they do not play kind of metal music that will entirely change the course of history, but if you are into black/death metal, then you need to hear them definitely! Since Allfader have been changing from record to record, I wouldn't be surprised they actually do something big. "Nightfall" demo from 2001 was just a pure raw black metal, while "From The Darkest Star" was more into melodic stuff, something like Emperor did on "Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk" and "In the Nightside Eclipse", combined with raw stuff of Immortal. Their latest record is "Demo 2003", which has, first of all, much better production and second - it features a real drummer, so the drums kick ass now! While music is much more brutal, much more death metal like, keyboards are more atmospheric, creating a nice balance between brutality and darkness. Vocals are now both scream and growl, varying. First song off this demo, "Ascension", is a really fast piece, starting brutal and going towards more melodic stuff. If you ask me, this is how old-school black should sound today! "Order to Chaos, Chaos to Order" goes even further into death metal, now being more complex and with great guitar parts. The last one, "Girra", starts off innocently with some soft intro, but it becomes a real monster. And did I mentioned that production is really good? These days, with dozens of black metal bands having bad production on the demos, this is really refreshing to hear. Recommendation to all death/black metal fans - download these songs from our mp3 archive and enjoy. Allfader is a name which will rise soon...