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Allfader - At Least We Will Die Together

A really pleasant surprise! - 72%

Asamaniac, October 18th, 2008

I admit it! I belong to the ones that some times judge an album by its cover! Don’t tell me that the cover isn’t an important factor? I am sure there were times when you saw an artwork and said "yeah dude, that’s fucking awesome". While observing "At Least We Will Die Together"I thought I had to review a screamo/emocore band or something like that. Guess I was wrong...

Allfader is a Black/Death Metal outfit hailing from Norway. They were formed in 2001 and feature former Panzerchrist guitarist Finn Henriksen. Up to now, they have released four demo CD’s and one EP. After they managed to sign a contract with French Osmose Productions, Allfader recorded their debut album, "At Least We Will Die Together".

While listening to this album, I found many things that reminded me of Marduk. I think there are times that Allfader catch Marduk’s brutality. They are brutal, they are black and they are definitely heavy! There are moments that are more melodic, there are moments that are catchier and there are moments where Allfader turns into a Black Metal beast and there is nowhere you can hide! Very good production that helps the tracks "shine" a bit more. The compositions are very solid and the rhythm section’s work is more than good! The guitars spit poison with their sharp like a razor riffs and the singer can’t do anything more than haunt your worst nightmares with his incredible voice. Don’t get excited by my words. I am not talking about the best Black Metal release for 2006; it’s just that it has been a while since I last listened to a very good release coming from the Norwegian scene. I really enjoyed listening to "At Least We Will Die Together" and there wasn’t a single moment I thought about skipping a track!

If you are a Black Metal fan, you will definitely love this CD. Don’t expect a "classic" Black Metal album, these guys know no limits. Their "blackened" nature can easily be compared to their "heaviness". Anyway, it is much better than many releases out there for sure! Check it out!

Originally written for Metal-Temple.Com
Yiannis D.