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Jorn saves the album - 78%

CrystalNight, May 15th, 2007

The first Allen/Lande album is one of the five best albums I've heard. It had everything. Catchy choruses, talented vocalists, cool guitars, you name it. But their sophomore album can't really keep up with it's proceeder.

First of all, Jorn Lande and Russel Allen are both great singers. So an album with both of them really can't fail. At least not for a fan for their genre. But unlike the debut "The Battle" there's something missing on "The Revenge".
The songs are well produced and more often than not do the guitars, drums and keys work in perfect harmony. But this album has no really hit song, and there's actually some quite boring songs here.

Second track "Obsessed" featuring only Allen on vocals is a huge bore. The verse is absolutelly tasteless and the chorus is mediocre. And "Gone To Far" isn't that fun either. Actually, Allen's solo songs are much worse than Jorn's. And not only by vocal performance.

But there are some realyl bright spots on the album as well. Opener "The Revenge" is a song in the same vein as "Another Battle" on the last album. "Under The Waves" and "Her Spell" are both really catchy and beautiful.

All in all, this isn't the album I wished for, but it's still solid melodic metal. Jorn deas a great job on the vocals, Allen is OK. It's an album to at least download a few songs from and see if you like it if you enjoyed Masterplan, Jorns solo work or the last Allen/Lande album.