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Good Swedish quality - 80%

Swedhawk, January 27th, 2005

This is quality black/viking metal. Allegiance may not be a total groundbreaker or something revolutionary. On the other hand, this band use their ability and skill while they are pounding and thrashing their instruments. To describe the actual music I would say that this band have a lot in common with fellow swedish acts like Dark Funeral and Vintersorg(!). Melodic black metal with folkstrings but still have the swedish school BM brutality.

Compared to other Allegiance albums this is rawer and more violent in its sound. The production is great if you consider that it was released in 1995. Hymn Til Hangagud(Hymn to god of the hanged). This album goes deep into the dark and more evil side om the well used pagan theme.

Killer tracks:The Third Raven, Stridsfärd and Höfdingadrapa