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Melodic Power Metalcore - 74%

PaganiusI, December 2nd, 2019
Written based on this version: 2012, CD, Deafground Records

Today I'm leaving my comfort zone to present you one of the few core-bands I actually enjoy. All Will Know are a rather local band from my area and have released 3 full albums since they started their activity in 2010. While they incorporated more and more melo death influences as time went on, their debut album "Contact." was more rooted in typical melodic core with a few cool twists here and there. That shift in sound might've been caused by going through a large number of member changes around 2012/13, but who knows, but the debut already is a very promising album on its own.

Recorded and produced in the mighty Kohlekeller Studios, the album received Kohle's regular treatment, giving it a energetic but pretty clean melo death production. The guitars are strong and heavy, the keyboards don't smother the other instruments and the vocals get a fairly dominant spot in the mix as well. While I wouldn't have minded a bit more distortion and edges, the album's sound is far from flat lining on the aggression level and it suits the band's approach really well.

All Will Know's musical world is mostly rooted in melodic but energetic metalcore, but restrains from overusing genre-typical chuggings and breakdowns. Sure, there's some of that every now and then as it loosens things up a bit and shows where the band is coming from, but there's a lot more going on. The riffs sound pretty metal-based most of the time, providing some pretty energetic riffs in-between strong and varied melodies and a few modern insertions. There's a lot of variation in the songs and the guitar work, ranging from groove-based heavy core and chuggings over energetic metallized riffs all the way to melodic power metal riffs that even unfold some epic solos here and there. The bass keeps following the guitars no matter what and provides some additional depths to them. While the heavy strings don't have much of an impact otherwise, the drums certainly do. That's because the drumming is just as varied as the guitar work, providing some basic rhythm, some proggy shenanigans and some energetic rage that really pushes the songs forward. There's even quite a lot of double-bass in the harsher segments.

The very keyboard-based songwriting on the other hand is a bit of a double-edged sword. While most of the melodies that are crafted by the guitars are strengthened by the power metal-inspired keyboards, a few of the more modern electronics similar to The Unhinged and the like are a bit too much. On the other hand, they do fit the modern metalcore-vibe quite well. Gladly it doesn't resort to anything that sounds like Eskimo Callboy or other crap in that vein, but provides a bit of a futuristic, industrial excursion that I actually like quite a bit. I prefer the epic, energetic orchestration though and I'm happy that they make up most of the album. They also take over in the intros and the few softer, very melodic interludes that occur here and there. This really shines in all its glory in the power metal ballad "How Far Would You Go?" that kinda reminds me of Arion from Finland and their outstanding debut album.

In the end, I'm really surprised by the music "Contact." has to offer. Judging from the cover I was expecting some soft melodic metalcore of the most generic form, but instead I received a really decent metalcore release that unfolds some real magic upon further investigation. How often do you hear a core band include power metal into their sound? Well, eccentric keyboards are common and even the electronic shenanigans aren't unusual, but the way the riffs were written, poising between core and chuggs and energetic power metal is (at least to me) something quite special. In addition to that, the album never gets boring, keeps up a decent pace while including some softer, calmer segments and makes for a diversified listen. It doesn't fully convert me to metalcore and I don't think it wants to do that anyway, but it's one of the few albums from that musical region I revisit regularly, it's just a really decent and interesting mix.