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This Darkened Heart / Metal All The Time - 95%

Sargeantdeath99, February 13th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2003, CD, Prosthetic Records

This Darkened Heart is the second studio album by the heavy metal band All That Remains. This Darkened Heart was recorded by Philip Labonte(vocals), Mike Martin(guitar), Oli Herbert(electric and acoustic guitars), Matt Deis(bass guitar and piano), and Michael Bartlett(drums), the album was released on March 23, 2004. It includes the albums singles "This Darkened Heart", "Tattered on My Sleeve" and "The Deepest Gray", all songs had music videos created for them. The album was also seen lead guitarist of Killswitch Engage, Adam Dutkiewicz handle the duties of producer, engineer, and the mixing.

It is clear from the start of this album All That Remains are building on the success of their first studio album, Behind Silence And Solitude, with a vicious vengeance.

Out of the gate they start off with a furious pace with the intro tack of And Death In My Arms, beginning with the a mellow intro that makes you doubt this is going to be a metal album, however that changes with the flick off a switch. The guitars come blasting out of the speakers with a very aggressive tempo, the drumming begins to blast into your ears, then the introduction of the violent scrams make it clear that this album is going to show what metalcore is all about.

And Death In My Arms manages to set the pace and mood for the entire album. What follows is a myriad of songs. The album in its entirety is fantastic from start to finish. It defines what a metalcore album is. Aggressive guitars, blistering solos, mesmerizing clean vocals, brutal and heavy screams alongside drums that blast away. This Darkened Heart contains many standout tracks, wether it be fantastic lyrics, an amazing solo, steady drumming, or a brutal scream.The impressive thing to me is most of the albums songs include all of these elements.

Two songs in my opinion that embody what metalcore are off this album are the tracks Vicious Betrayal and Passion. These two songs are the perfect examples of what metalcore embodies. They contain meaningful but also painful lyrics that are perfectly balanced by both the clean and unclean vocals. Then you add melodic aspect of the blistering speed and solos coupled alongside the steady but hard hitting drumming. You get two songs are a must listen to, not just for fans of All That Remains but for any fan of metalcore.

I do not want to to go into much detail as it hard to do this album justice it deserves with words, but take my word, you have to listen to it to truly respect and understand what All That Remains have created here. 95% is my final rating of this album and a very deserving rating in my opinion.