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Out With the Old, In With The Older - 60%

Jus36, February 25th, 2015

The newest album in All That Remains catalog, The Order of Things, is a step in the right direction. However it's far from being perfect, let alone great or good. I'll start out with statement: This album is a less memorable re-hash of Fall of Ideals and Overcome. If you like All That Remains older efforts, then rejoice! (kinda). One thing for sure is, it's much better than their last album, so I'll definitely take it.

First, some pros this album has, which isn't very many, is that some of the guitar solos on The Order of Things are actually pretty good and gave a few of the songs potential (i.e Criticism and Realization). Phil has started to incorporate both of his singing styles in songs more so this is also a plus for me. One can only imagine him getting annoyed by such an opinion, though. Lastly, the some of acoustic guitar passages put a nice touch on a few songs, which sadly this album lacks a lot of "nice touches".

Now onto the cons, a small margin of the songs just get pure sloppy and start sounding like a wall of noise (i.e the verses This Probably Wont End Well, heh.) Another glaring issue for me, is that there is about zero originality in this album like I stated in my opening paragraph. Even though lack of originality isn't necessarily a "bad thing", it just comes of as playing it safe and I'd like to see more creativity come from a once good band. The song "Tru-Kvlt-Metal" in itself is a con, and was more or less simply written just so Phil could shut up the "haters". Yay, thanks for the cringe, Phil. Please write less songs like this and go back to making songs with catchy choruses again.

All in all, The Order of Things is a textbook definition of mediocre. At the end of the day Did Phil shut up his haters? No, most likely not, but this album is a step back in the right direction and gave All That Remains potential to make good music again.