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Re-inventing metalcore! - 97%

ksevile, May 6th, 2009

All That Remains was formerly a melodic death metal band. With this release, they have easily shown a their more metalcore side. "The Fall of Ideals" is definitely an album to check out if you are an All That Remains fan, or just a metalcore fan in general. This album, packed full of clean and growled vocals, blast beats, and amazing breakdowns is a definite must have. It really shows the variety in All That Remains' music and lyrical content in general.

The first track off of the album, "This Calling" left an impression on my ears throughout the entire listen. Phil Labonte yells a horrifying, deafening scream. This song is a great opener and shows amazing double bass, especially during the breakdown. The second track, "Not Alone" is just as impressive as the first. Here, guitarists Mike Martin and Oli Herbert play a high-pitched dual lead. There is another perfectly executed scream once again, followed by growled versus and a extremely clean chorus.

In this song, you can easily here that he is good at singing fast while maintaining a mid to low growl. The rest of the songs on this album are just as good and, as said above, there is a big variety. In "Six" Phil's scream is the highest pitch I have ever heard from him. Also, in "The Weak Willed" there are absolutely no clean vocals, here you get some of the more melodic death metal influence of All That Remains.

The rest of the album is just as amazing. However, to me the downfall is that the majority of the songs are not long enough for me. I usually like music between 4-5 minutes at the most. These songs are, on an average, around 3 minutes. The longest song off on this album tracks in at just 4 minutes and 6 seconds (The Weak Willed.)

Overall, there is nothing bad t say about this album. Everything about it, the production, vocals, guitar, bass,and drums, easily exceeded my expectations. Producer Adam Dutkiewicz really had a major impact on how this album sounded. He always has a part in the top quality albums. If you are looking for awesome, consistent metalcore you should get this album today.

Highlights: "This Calling", "Not Alone", "The Weak Willed", "Six", "The Air That I Breathe."