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New album but more of the same mostly. - 73%

Soulless_Fox, June 13th, 2006

I've been a fan of All That Remans since the debut album nearly half a decade ago. I loved the tasty riffs and frantic druming but this new album gives me mixed feelings.

I'll start with the vocals. Both clean and harsh vocals are both now evolved, and while the new and more gutteral harsh vocals are very much welcome... the clean vocals seem way to emo for their own good. Leave that sort of thing to Atreyu or whatever radio band you'd like.

The druming is more produced and tighter. The kick drum now sounds deeper and more like it's taken note from Lamb of God, which kind of mared the druming and nuances I had come to know them for. The musicianship in this aspect really hasn't changed, it still ranges from breakneck speed to the punchy cymbal riding melodic breakdowns and choruses.

Ah, the guitars. Not much has changed here, if you heard their previous effort, This Darkened Heart then you know what to expect. Maybe a few less solos per song, and mostly altogether.

What I said before about the clean vocals having an emo tinge, the same holds true for the lyrics. They become bland fast and fade into all the other bands out there and offer no new dimensions for a band I once loved. Such a shame, after waiting nearly 2 years for new material I feel so let down. This disc is more of the mindless metalcore we have come to know, love and ultimately forget.