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Stereotypical - 75%

Murderer666, March 12th, 2009

All That Remains is one of those melodic death/metalcore bands that differ from all the other ones in the scene. This proven with there first two releases the straight melodic death metal "Behind Silence And Solitude" and "This Darkened Heart" melodic death with some metalcore elements. But "The Fall Of Ideals" by no means is as good as either of the two and it looks like they’re going for a mainstream and accessible sound. Proof of that is "This Calling" had charted and was on the Saw III soundtrack.

Musically it's more metalcore than anything else, following the stereotypical formula of alternating between screaming and clean pop like singing. Also the guitar solos here outshine the breakdowns, which are good thing and also are played with clean precision. The drummer is able to hold the rhythm of the songs together but the bass can't be heard at all through out the entire disk. The vocalist Phillip Labonte uses a variety of vocal styles hardcore shouts, clean singing, and even death growls and rasps mostly in "The Weak Willed" but holds them out on "It Dwells In Me" and in the beginning of "Become The Catalyst". The guitar player’s play with on point riff and at least keep the mix interesting and able to keep the listeners attention.

Although it doesn’t hit as hard as "Behind Silence And Solitude" and "This Darkened Heart". It still is good for what it is and is a good purchase for fans of metalcore or collectors. Good songs include "This Calling","It Dwells In Me","The Weak Willed" and "Indictment" and it's still is better than most metalcore on the scene today.