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Excellent mix of metalcore and melo-death - 94%

Metalwontdie, July 14th, 2009

On The Fall of Ideals All that Remains finds their sound combining metalcore, melo-death, and a technical edge. This album is far above the average metalcore or melo-death band in terms of songwriting and entertainment value. Unlike many other metalcore bands All That Remains doesn’t just retread old ideas, they introduce new aspects. Every song on this release fits well together and as a whole this album is very cohesive. The Fall of Ideals shows what a metalcore/melo-death band should sound like.

The Fall of Ideals mixes the typical metalcore leads, riffs, and melodic vocals with the more brutal, fast-tempo of melo-death. Breakdowns are rarely used instead the two guitarists focus more on technical leads and solos. Vocals are used in two ways either the more typical low pitch death growls with higher pitch screams or the very melodic chorus based metalcore clean vocals. All the songs range from mid-tempo to up-tempo riffs which are usually based around a strong repeating lead and main riff. Not one of these songs is below solid and most are much better than an average metalcore song. The production is clean and mixes ever instrument well so you can clearly hear each one.

The bands performance is excellent easily showcasing some of the most skillful musicians in either metalcore or melo-death. Philip Labonte is easily one of the most talented vocalists in modern metal, showing off an impressive range and contributing great choruses to every song. Mike Bartlett drumming is mainly double kick bass focused as with most modern drummers but he uses ample fills and some great rhythms. Both Oliver Herbert and Mike Martin show off their skills with some very excellent riffs and leads especially the very technical yet melodic Six and The Air That I Breathe. Jeanne Sagan’s bass guitar is beyond notice mainly because it is almost entirely inaudible and is overshadowed by the rest of the band member’s performances.

A few minor weaknesses are present on The Fall of Ideals barely bringing down the score. Many of the songs could have been extended because they seem to end abruptly especially on Six and The Air That I Breathe. The lyrical approach is cheesy mainly focused on personal struggles the usual metalcore garbage. Finally The Fall of Ideals overall length could have been longer, like the songs the album ends abruptly.

The Fall of Ideals is easily a metalcore/melo-death classic and should be considered a high point in All That Remains career. Best songs are This Calling, Not Alone, Whispers (I Hear You), Six, and The Air That I Breathe. I recommend this album to any fan of metalcore/melo-death who actually likes depth to an album.

-2 points songs ended to fast could have been extended
-2 points the lyrical approach is cheesy and unoriginal
-2 points overall album length end to short also needed to be extended