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A very rare and solid debut - 91%

burningsynthetic, February 27th, 2007

I had a very difficult time trying to procure a copy of this album from the record stores in my area. After a few weeks I finally set hands on one. The first listen is destined to be just like the ones that proceed it.

Right away you can recognize the staples and signature sound of the band, in the delicate riffing that upon closer listen is not so simple as you once thought. Granted the production value is a bit low and not as pristine as many would expect. Although even though the album's sound is very hollow is adds a sort of ambiance. Like it would be the sort of record sold at some off the charts venue from a band that was just getting started, which of course is not too far from the truth.

The songs are relatively short, as is the entire album. You can't complain as the experience is better short, I couldn't imagine an album like this dragging on and still being able to hold my interest.

The stand out tracks are "Clarity" and "Erase", they show a bit more experimentation from the band and best represent the musical prowess the band has to offer. The scope of the songs, lyrically, is bland and sort of vague but best conveyed through the caustic and guttural harsh vocal stylings of Philip Labonte. Already early in the life of All That Remains he was top notch in his ability to push deep and get the best screams and growls for your money's worth. Already you could tell that this band was going to be rather big, and of course you could look no further for proof than this very album.

The bottom line is that this album is slightly less accessible than their later efforts, yet is rewarding in another way. It rewards in it's energy and the way it stirs your blood and intensifies emotion with each passing track. While this album certainly won't be for anyone, for those willing to seek it out, it will most certainly not disappoint.