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Hungry Wolf, Easy Prey - 73%

dystopia4, December 10th, 2017

The metallic hardcore scene All Pigs Must Die find themselves in has a cool sound but it's not something I really keep up asides except a small handful of bands. Since Converge and Trap Them (R.I.P.) were like half of the bands I kept tabs on and All Pigs Must Die have members of both I figured I'd check it out - a bunch of friends had already rec'd it anyway. Animal Hostage was incredible - go-hard-or-go-home metallic hardcore with dope leads and even some potent atmospherics. I figured I'd go back to the beginning and work my way up from there to get more familiar with the band.

Their eponymous EP is better than most bands early work (unsurprising, give who's involved), but you can still tell it's the early stuff when held in comparison to what they've grown into. There's metallic riffs, especially when they lock into a groove, but this is primarily hardcore. The production is rough-ish but miles above what the average hardcore band's first pre-album release. There's lots of simple kick-your-teeth in hardcore onslaughts, but the riffs do occasionally wander into more technical territory. The vocals here are testosterone-fueled tough guy barks, fairly typical for the hardcore scene but they really get the adrenaline going.

There are some pretty sweet moments here- we've got the furious screams of "hungry wolf, easy prey" on the song that bears the same name, not to mention the wild abandon of the rocking guitar solo on "Sermon for the End". Highlights aside, the EP is consistently banging. While they would grow into something much greater, this is pretty lit for a first volley.