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Trve Steppe Metal - 94%

Nargodath, February 27th, 2006

This demo is a slight evolution in the sound of this excellent band, but overall it should be considered as a classic example of Russian folk metal in the tradition of Alkonost's earlier albums.

The first song, "Krowawyje Travy," has operatic (female) vocals and a softer sound than anything on Alkonost's self titled album, however the spirit of the music is still alive and kicking, and there's precious little from this band that is even mediocre.

The next song, "Bezdna," is my favorite on the album. Immaculate keyboards combined with black metal-ish fuzzy guitars, and the incredible voice, although there's a little less opera now. While this band is hard to compare to others, I think that any fan of Falkenbach or Summoning should give it a listen.

The last song, "Lilholet'jie," is built along several very spare and repetitive guitar fingerwork, and at times almost seems like a strange repeating dub underneath the lead guitar and vocals.

Alkonost is not an average "folk metal" band, and are gradually getting recognized for their insane and beautiful music. While this isnt' their absolute pinnacle, it's still a technical and artistic success.