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Alkerdeel – Morinde - 92%

Forsaker1981, May 1st, 2013

Belgian sludge / black / drone crew Alkerdeel have been constructing some of the darkest, most frustrated and erratic sounds around since 2005. Here on their second full-length release the Zomergem group stick to the formula that has won them hordes of fans from far and wide. The first of four tracks committed to tape, ‘Winterteens’ can take a few listens before you reap the rewards.

With tar-thick slow buzz-saw guitars supporting the wretched screams of Pede for the bulk of the track. ‘Hesesepikn’ has a broad, far reaching feel to it, the addition of some truly unrelenting blast-beats half-way through, ensuring that concentration levels don’t fall short. ‘Du Levande’ is by far the longest track, at a monstrous twenty plus minutes. However it does not feel half as long. Here the band are awash with ideas, achieving some interesting time changes and rhythms thanks to the infectiously brutal barrage of beats from drummer Nieke.

The most fascinating thing about Morinde is that it was recorded live in one night, quite astounding. There were absolutely no overdubs added whatsoever, making this a truly unique compilation of work, that if recorded at another date and time could sound completely different. In a day and age whereby most music is created by computers, this is something that is almost unheard of.

Praise should be given to the fine mastering applied by Tom Kvalsvoll. Furthermore, it also speaks volumes about the confidence of the quartet and highlights how comfortable they are as a working unit.