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Alienation Mental - Psychopathicolorspectrum - 55%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

Hmm, this certainly doesn’t sound like the Alienation Mental I learned to love on Ball Spouter; one mean and brutal-as-hell grindcore album. But what has happened? Take a track such as Erase head, which sounds just like a brutalized Korn tune, using the same type of song structure and vocals (at times, since this guy actually growls). Now what the hell’s up with that?

At times the oh-so-sweet and ultra fast blasting sets in, accompanied by some brutal death riffing, and with some deep growls. But it keeps coming back to that sort of metalcore-ish nu-metal agenda, with the same kind of song construction and vibe. And even the vocals seems friendlier, to fit into the mould. And when they suddenly remind me of Splitknot I become very disappointed, ‘cause if I wanted to listen to sucky nu-metal I would turn on MTV or some shit.

But sometimes they manage to find a more fitting blend of genres, creating a mix between their old sound and adding a touch of System of a Down. And when they hit the spot it sounds fairly innovative, while still keeping the brutal edge. However most of the time it gets way out of hand and it just sounds simplified and wossy. The riffs aren’t as brutal, and reek of nu-metal, the drumming slows down and utilizes drum-patterns typical for Korn and shit, and the vocals are almost radio-friendly with tons of semi-whispered clean vocals. I mean, this is not what I’d expect from a band that released one of the fastest and most kick-arse grindcore album some years ago. But if the idea of mixing death with nu-metal thrills, then I guess it’s an album for you to check out, and even get a kick out of the 12 minute video of the recording of the album. I think I read somewhere that this is what’s called mallcore. I don’t know, but maybe it is…

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