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Absent Of All Light - 100%

kgerych1995, May 12th, 2012

Alice In Chains has always been a big part of my life, from as young as 4 years old, up until this present moment. Their music has always had this dark mystique to it, and that intrigued the growing musical mind of myself. As I was born in 1995, most music I was into by the time I was old enough to care came from either A: leftovers from the grunge age of the earlier 1990's or B: the modern, so-called "Post-Grunge" movement which, ultimately led into the debacle that modern radio rock is today. Most radio rock today is what I call "Modern Cock Rock", which is crap such as Buckcherry (Buttcherry) among others. One band that was a staple of rock radio from the early 90's (and even now) was the Seattle based "Alice In Chains".

Um... well this disc is quite strange, It is like AIC set on chill-out mode. I am almost certain that the first song by AIC I ever heard was the incredible "Nutshell" off of this EP. "Nutshell" makes my skin crawl whenever I listen to it. I constantly feel as if the spirit of late front man Layne Staley is standing over my shoulder. The song itself is a haunting song, but is also a song that will stick with you, you may even find yourself humming to this grim tune. The EP's opener "Rotten Apple" is much in the same vein, dark and gloomy, with Staley's signature moaning, giving this song a whole new dimension and atmosphere. The album switches almost too soon, from gloomy and bleak to up beat and a tad more hopeful with the radio staple "I Stay Away" and "No Excuses" which are both songs that I remember hearing when I was a lot younger on Detroit based radio station 101.1 WRIF. The instrumental "Whale And Wasp", while it is a great track, sticks out a tad, it being a bit different than the majority of the content of Jar Of Flies.

In concluding, the album is an essential for any fan of hard rock, to heavy metal, to even commercialized, over processed, radio rock. If a kid came up to me and asked me what music was, I would buy him/her a copy of Jar Of Flies and tell them to have a nice day. The EP is great for a listen while you're relaxing, nothing overly heavy and bone crushing. Overall, it seems like a nice, yet more electric companion to the 1991 EP Sap.