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Not bad! - 75%

Toxine, December 19th, 2012

With Layne's death (R.I.P.), Alice in Chains still continues to release material and, I must say, it's quite good! Sure, it's different, but different doesn't mean worse.

The song has the dark and depressive atmosphere we're all familiar with, which is typical of Alice in Chains and the chorus is really melodic, making it the song's climax. DuVall's voice is soft and melodic and has a certain tranquility to it, like he's welcoming darkness. The voice effects are very good, spooky, and depressive, just the way I like it.

The riffs are heavy, slow, and sludgy with a touch of "weirdness" (or psychedelia, if you will), like the last album, and take you to a dark place of your imagination you never knew was there. The solo is simple and slow, but it fits perfectly in the "ambiance".

Thanks to this, I'm now hungry for more Alice and I really hope the next album exceeds my expectations. Keep it up!