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Very strange sounding EP - 69%

jt, August 11th, 2008

This EP more akin to some sort of blackened hard rock than anything Algaion has done in the past. After the initial shock of stylistic change on the first listen, it's hard not to like this somewhat, as the guitar lines are very catchy, but this is definitely not black metal.

The first track is far and away the most hard rock influenced one, and though title track is far less blatantly 'rock', it still has some riffs that wouldn't seem out of place on some of the more fuzzed out metal varieties here on the Encyclopedia. Unfortunately though, the last track takes a definite turn for the worse, summoning up all that's wrong with metalcore bands -- from breakdowns to frilly melodic leads that don't really go anywhere to monotonous 'chugging' passages. This is definitely the low point on the record.

Overall, the guitar work and riffs are very melodic and hard rock/stoner rock (of the less distorted variety) in sound, and the vocals, while remaining a harsh scream, sound less mournful and anguished, and more aggressive, almost snarling, when compared to previous work.

The drums on all three songs are all over the place, from faster runs that would fit on any melodeath record, to slow, almost doomy passages. There's little to no blasting, and not much double bass work either. There are plenty of fills and some rolls here and there. In fact, the drum work even moreso than the riffs used set it far afield from black metal.

Overall, not a completely worthless EP, but not up to the caliber of Algaion's previous work, especially their fantastic "Oimai Algeiou" album.