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get out the bucket bong and some brewskis - 90%

caspian, August 24th, 2010

For the dude that doesn't want to hit a frat kegger every night; for the bro that would prefer to brood over a brew instead of hang with the crew once in a while: Aldebaran.

This is still pretty heavy and dark, but I also find this relaxing as taking a shit in your own toilet. Perhaps it's because I haven't heard any of this plodding, really slow droney stoner/funeral stuff for a very long time, but yeah, sitting back, watching the storm clouds roll in on over the desert on my little front porch, the relatively warm, humid westerlies rolling in, and just chilling with some slow, heavy riffs that just plod around like big, vaguely malevolent sauropod.. man, so rad. Awesome times.

There's a big "southern" influence in here, can't really call it country but you'd know it if you heard it. Eagle Twin, Earth, that sort of stuff. Pillars of Geph, which starts off with a very cool Lovecraft sample, is the best example of this. The lyrics have plenty of ominous imagery, and I'm thinking that this is definitely meant to be some truly grim stuff, but it doesn't really comes across as that. Just chilled doomy riffs repeating over and over again while the skies get darker and the thunder gets audible. The spacious, 'less distorted than you'd think' production helps a bunch too. I think the highlight for me is the super slowdown that happens in "slightless and silent", just a simple two chord grind (super tight musicianship, keeping it this together at this tempo) that goes on for ages and just envelopes you. "Abound in cosmic chaos harsh astral winds blow " Feeling you, bro.

Aldebaran- a sweet ass band name for a sweet ass band. Highly recommended for all bros of the slow.