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Crushing! - 95%

MutatisMutandis, August 10th, 2008

Over the years I've learned to stray from questions like "crikey, where'd these guys come from?!" when referring to drone/funeral doom acts such as Portland's Aldebaran; primarily because less than zero percent of the population could give a shit whether a trio of stoners converged somewhere in life and produced a three track album in a marathon 43 minutes, let alone report it.

While the prospect of sitting through three tracks (two of which clock in at nearly 16 and 20 minutes respectively) may seem as appetizing to most as peeling one's toenails off with a carrot knife, given a listen or two, you'll find your ass and everything in between pushed up and out your smarmy piehole by the sheer heaviness of this release. Imagine strapping two Cyclone subwoofers to your head with duct tape and stepping into NASA's anti-gravity chamber as the dumbass intern spills java all over the control panel, somehow causing a reverse effect (yes, I realize how cartoonishly retarded that sounds, but it was either that metaphor or a Dragonball Z reference, so fuck you). That's how heavy this goddamn album is.

What struck me the most about this album is the lack of feedback that generally conjoins chords in this style. What we end up with is a far more musical, death metal inspired form of funeral doom, one that I assume will reinvigorate the interest of doom-junkies in the US who grew tired of reverb-laden drone back when Aldebaran were just a twinkle in its mother's eye.

Each track is purposefully built on a crippling underbelly, and allows the instruments to speak for themselves through slow, methodical build-ups and slight tempo changes whenever absolutely necessary. The vocals are perfect for this style, and while guttural, retain clarity throughout the release, especially evident in the absolutely soul-squishing Pillars Of Geph. My sole gripe with Dwellers In Twilight is the sample introducing the aforementioned track, which I believe would have sat far prettier at the head of the introductory track... as I type this however, I'm beginning to realize how retarded I sound bitching about something that petty. No gripes, then.

If the prospect of bowel-shiftingly heavy doom metal suits your fancy, this album's an absolute necessity. If not, please grow some balls and listen to Winter, ya' pansy. Strongly reccomended.
The 'Dwellers In Twilight' part, not so much the 'get testies' part.