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Suprême Silence - 83%

nilgoun, July 3rd, 2012

Aldaaron play quite melodic black metal with a focus on atmosphere and epicness. The French orientated themselves by the pioneers of black metal from norwegian/sweden (Dissection/Immortal etc.) and therefore there is a huge portion of nostalgia in here as well. The formula, with which the songs where created is quite known: The drums are impelling while the guitars are playing fast tremolo-picked riffs. The bass is somewhat subtle and the harsh vocals are completing the construct. Promotional letters often promise false things, but one sentence is quite true for Aldaaron (loosely translated): “The French are delivering a fusion of furiously epic melodies and atmospheric parts”. The mentioned riffs are indeed quite well, as they are the highlight of the record.

Those catchy riffs, presented by songs like J’átteindrai la Pureté, mention to balance the sometimes weak compositions quite well. Those weaknesses are embodied by the really fast parts, in which the mixture of drum beats and guitar sounds is way too much, too thick and therefore too annoying. On the other side they managed to create those beautiful melodies and integrate them so well. The drums are playing appropriately to support the songs, without waiving things like doublebass and co.. Another strength of the record is, the usage of special things (like synthesizer sounds, clear or spoken vocals) well dosed to set the special atmosphere for each song.

Of course the record has some flaws as well, like the overladen parts I mentioned before, although they aren’t that bad. The melodies on the record seem to be quite akin from time to time, which leads, in combination with the quite monotonous vocals, to some boring moments throughout the record. This is a bit balanced through the aforementioned specialties of each song, which manage to spice things up again. Another flaw is the nostalgia that is presented on this record. Although the riffs are really well done, you will encouter some “deja ecoute” effects throughout the whole playing time. To conclude with some positive facts: The production is really well done and supports the majestic/epic atmosphere quite well.


Sadly, I can’t compare this record with the debut record of the band, but I dare to say that Suprême Silence is a worthy successor of it. The record offers typical, oldschool black metal compositions with loads of atmosphere and epicness. The quite monotonous vocals and some overladen, fast passages are the main flaws of the record, but they are balanced out by the brilliant riffs and the aforementioned good atmosphere. I guess everyone who loves the good old black metal records from bands like Dissection should love this record as well.
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