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The Prophecy Vision - 80%

Tlacaxipehualiztli, November 23rd, 2012

This band is a big surprise in whole offering of American Line label full of death and black outfits. The band coming from Pedro Escobedo, Mexico, is a representative of pure heavy metal. Originally recorded in 2005, now the album is remastered and with three bonus tracks taken from the previous demo. I don’t know what was the reason to re-release this item, and I really don’t care, because the music simply kicks my heavy metal ass. Of course Mexicans don’t serve completely new original sounds and “La Vision de los Profetas” is maintained in the vein of Spanish Tierra Santa (especially when it comes to the first albums). It’s not only my observation, the band writes about Tierra Santa influences on their own pages. But here I’d like to state that there is no chance of being named as stupid rip-offs, the music is very solid supported by real and expressive heavy metal riffs. In addition, very good sound helps with general perception of tunes.

All right, let’s leave intro (nothing special here), because the first song “Genesis” attacks with quite decent riffs, when after calm (but not acoustic) beginning, the proper guitar work enters the stage. This is the Mexican formula to play good heavy metal: fast tempo, interesting work of guitars, memorable riffs and no artificial melodies. What do I want more? Vocals of Ruben are sung in Spanish (that’s good!), perfectly fit to the music, they are clear and audible, but the difference with Angel (Tierra Santa) is noticeable. Ruben proposes rather steady singing, and for sure it doesn’t bring monotony to the entirety. So, the synopsis of the album is given. But it is worthy to mention about fourth song called “El Martir del Golgotha”, the longest one, with calmer opening lasting almost one minute. The song tells the story about last moments of Christ, after about fifth minute I can hear the sounds of nailing to the cross and lamentations, then furious guitar lead tears everything apart. I am really impressed. In turn in next “Ancestros” similarity to mentioned Spanish band is very perceptible when it comes to melodic lines. But the best track is “Llorar en el Infierno”: absolutely killing riffs not only on the start, the longest guitar lead on the album and vivid tempo changes. Simply great!

To sum all the things up, it is obvious this band is a tasty bit for all heavy metal hunters. The unknown yet strong, hard music, without wimpy melodies and maintained in rather fast, forward-moving tempo (maybe “Crucifixion” is different a bit because of some balladic moments mixed with hard guitars). Albatrhoz doesn’t play complicated nor broken music, with simple elements they execute good metal spitting the next album into this rotten world. Many years went by, so I think it will be cool to hear any new songs from this band. But is it possible, guys?