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Between the Fluidity and the Eventuality Came This - 93%

bayern, June 25th, 2018

Yeah, and it was another sheer testimony for these musicians’ genius which placed them right at the top of the metal circuit Down Under. The thing is that their appearances are fairly episodic the guys obviously not really interested in becoming a household name, in their homeland and elsewhere…

The new project they started with the former Alchemist guitarist and singer Adam Agius, The Levitation Hex, a few years back has been keeping them away from their main occupation. Which is a pity as there’s still potential to be revealed on an Alarum level, it seems to me… This promo here must have been a very pleasant surprise for the expectant fanbase at the time who were wondering when the next instalment from the Alarum camp would befall them. Well, better a promo than nothing, and as it became quite evident later this nearly half an hour of compelling technical/progressive thrashisms ranks as high as any of their official releases, if not even higher.

The death/thrash hybrid, already heard on the debut and the demos before it, runs rampant at first with the blitzkrieg hecticers "Woven Imbalance" and "Boundless Intent", both elaborate pieces with echoes of Atheist’s “Piece of Time”. Then spastic jazzy progressive metal comes to the fore with "Receiver", amorphous unpredictable stuff that would make Sieges Even and Spiral Architect very proud, with "Remote Viewing" combining both sides, a seamless assembly of multi-layered atmospheric progressive and surging death/thrashing intricacy. "Sustained Connection" is for the headbangers, a marginally more linear semi-technical shredder, but the situation is subject to change almost immediately with "Subject to Change" which switches to more sterile abstract soundscapes reminiscent of Pestilence’s “Spheres”, with occasional more aggressive strokes disturbing “the peace”, stressing out the listener at the least expected moment.

A really great, not that brief, showing that many must have considered a warm-up for the sophomore back then… Well, the illusion didn’t last for very long as when said sophomore came out, it presented the band in a more introspective mood, with the thrash and death histrionics reduced to the minimum, the delivery having moved towards the purer progressive metal horizons where the works of Spastic Ink. and later-period Sieges Even resided. A not very positive, at least to these ears, change of course this was, but again with the guys not very willing to participate on the scene on more regular bases, it quickly became redundant to make any more or less educated guesses pertaining their future showings.

Fortunately, “Natural Causes” was a glorious return to the more brutal ways of expression with thrash (not so much death this time) ruling over the proceedings with contrived authority, the final result another spell-binding multi-textured work of art. As mentioned earlier, natural causes are preventing the musicians from concentrating on the Alarum repertoire at present, but not to worry… sooner or later one is bound to take a break from all sorts of risky “levitation” sessions.