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Pretty damn good - 90%

condinosaurus, August 21st, 2012

This is a very strong album. Kinda proggy, kinda thrashy, but 100% badass. If you like Sadist, or other progressive metal bands of the sort, then you will surely enjoy this album. Most of the songs are original and sound great, with some latin-esque flairs here and there. Honestly, I haven't really heard an album similar to this one ever before, so I recommend that more people check this beast of an album out.

Alarum is very technically proficient, and it shows with this album. Their songwriting isn't overly technical though; there is no wank fest here. Instead, the album uses many progressive elements in their songs. The vocals might be a bit of a turnoff for some, but I think that they fit the music quite well. They consist of mostly clean segments. The production is very clean and clear and allows you to hear all of the instruments properly, including the elusive metal bass. This is a big plus in my eyes, because it allows one to really hear all of the subtle nuances present in the music.

The mood/atmosphere is usually bright and upbeat throughout the album. Additionally, the songs are around 3-4 minutes long on average, which is just the right amount of time for the technicality and jazz influence to became apparent, but not too long so as to make the song stale and boring. Overall, this is a great album that has many Cynic-esque moments, as well as headbanging riffs.

Highlights: Natural Causes, Non-Linear Parallels, Silent Betrayal, Sensory Endeavour.