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any band that can use "THUNDERPUSSY" gets my vote! - 85%

SoulSeekJay, July 20th, 2004

The "pussies" with their fifth album features a brand-new vocalist Johnny Weils. When I heard the first two tracks of this new album "Such Is Life" and "R.R.C.C." I was surprised and even somewhat irritated because on "Such Is Life" they start off with calm rhythms and it's an overall laid-back instrumental although they added a few heavy riffs. But does it fit in "the pussies" sound?

Well "R.R.C.C." finally comes up with the new vocals, and the song goes straight ahead with heavy crushing riffs but I am still miss something to sink my teeth into...

And I found it with the third track "Wage Slave" where Alabama Thunderpussy offer us some brutal rock with down-tuned guitars and great melodic parts and I guess that's what I missed on "R.C.C.C.". They have a great sense for melodic pieces that still remain heavy as fuck!

The fourth song "Three Stars" also features their laid back rock side with mid-tempo rhythms and rough singing/shouting by the vocalist and at some point, theres accoustic guitar and the whole thing gets a kinda country touch or something like that.

With "Bear Baiting" the down-tuned guitars return and razor-sharp riffs dominate the stoner rock sound.

Although they use a few calmer pieces the whole album rocks pretty much straight ahead with angry and heavy crushing music and the singer offers clean singing, aggressive shouting and screaming. One of the dominating things of their music is of course the guitar work by Erik Larson and Ryan Lake who deliver a stunning mixture of down-tuned brutality, melodies and solos!

So it's time for another "hard" rock experience, Be warned!