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Persecuting Crap for Allah - 0%

N666V, March 8th, 2018

We have here a solo project that had to change name due to it's excessively bad reputation in the Internet and it's geographical area. The latter due to the guy in charge reproducing all the instruments live with a sequencer and sounding utterly awful, making people leave the venues thus being a pain in the arse to the rest of the bands involved in the events.

This release is one of those albums that in the moment you listen to, you are already wishing it had never been done. The production is of such quality that one wonders if it was done as a joke. The programmed drums are very loud in comparison to the rest of the audio elements. Heck, if you will use fake drums why would you chose them to be the loudest instrument? One would think it would be logical to bury them a bit so the robotic sound is at least less predominant, but this was not the case.

Whatever the guitar is doing is not distinguishable due to the low volume it has in the mix. I can listen there's distortion in the background but cannot perceive any real riff. It is a dirty sound with nothing else to it. The vocals and lyrics sound as if the guy was an angry immature preteen and if he could hire a session vocalist/lyricist it would improve the project.

What's the purpose of adding one more release that won't bring nothing good to the table, in a genre that's already suffering from a colossal amount of low quality bands and releases? This is the reason I give 0% to this work and the project in general. It recently changed the name to Nedakh, but everything else is pretty much the same, so you all know what to expect from that project as well.

I do not write this review to offend anyone, but to state what needs to be stated. The guy behind this project (Ryan Mills aka. Kufar) with username avswin666 in M.A. was offended by the first review on this release, further plagiarizing the review and only changing the names of the bands as the means to take revenge on the author. That's a lame move and reflects the lengths an immature kid would go to boast his own ego. This is the type of music that describes perfectly an individual with such qualities.

Save your ears, save your time. Avoid at all cost.