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Persecuting Crap for Allah - 0%

N666V, March 8th, 2018

We have here a solo project that had to change name due to it's excessively bad reputation in the Internet and it's geographical area. The latter due to the guy in charge reproducing all the instruments live with a sequencer and sounding utterly awful, making people leave the venues thus being a pain in the arse to the rest of the bands involved in the events.

This release is one of those albums that in the moment you listen to, you are already wishing it had never been done. The production is of such quality that one wonders if it was done as a joke. The programmed drums are very loud in comparison to the rest of the audio elements. Heck, if you will use fake drums why would you chose them to be the loudest instrument? One would think it would be logical to bury them a bit so the robotic sound is at least less predominant, but this was not the case.

Whatever the guitar is doing is not distinguishable due to the low volume it has in the mix. I can listen there's distortion in the background but cannot perceive any real riff. It is a dirty sound with nothing else to it. The vocals and lyrics sound as if the guy was an angry immature preteen and if he could hire a session vocalist/lyricist it would improve the project.

What's the purpose of adding one more release that won't bring nothing good to the table, in a genre that's already suffering from a colossal amount of low quality bands and releases? This is the reason I give 0% to this work and the project in general. It recently changed the name to Nedakh, but everything else is pretty much the same, so you all know what to expect from that project as well.

I do not write this review to offend anyone, but to state what needs to be stated. The guy behind this project (Ryan Mills aka. Kufar) with username avswin666 in M.A. was offended by the first review on this release, further plagiarizing the review and only changing the names of the bands as the means to take revenge on the author. That's a lame move and reflects the lengths an immature kid would go to boast his own ego. This is the type of music that describes perfectly an individual with such qualities.

Save your ears, save your time. Avoid at all cost.

Bringin back the old school flavor - 90%

avswin666, March 6th, 2018

I personally thought this album was damn decent. Yea the drum machine is a bit lazy but black metal is built on bad production. Definitely could hear a lot of Marduk and inquisition influence from Kufar. The freshest thing about this album is the anti-Islamic thing. I feel alot of anti-Christian themes are starting to get stale and overdone. Why do something to annoy Jewish people and Islam people alike? Because it shows to everyone you truly don't care about religion and to say that you hate religion period yet show bias to another such as Islam is hypocritical and Kufar is one of those people that truly don't care about what you feel, think or say

The fact that he plays shows by himself is pretty admirable and to make it sound better than the album makes me wonder what else he is going to do in the long run.

It's a shame that everyone seems to be turned off by the fact that he uses drum tracks to play live. I think it's a genius idea when you know what you are doing. Let's face it, Agoraphobic Nosebleed does that same exact god damn thing and yet have thousands of fans. Kufar does it to the point where it actually sounds realistic and something an experienced drummer can play and not overly ridiculous and fake. Also when he does this all by himself on stage, he sounds like a full band. It's refreshing to see this based on the fact that most of the solo projects I have heard or listen to really do sound one dude.

The real instrumentation is not technical but it is definitely noticeable and definitely reminiscent of the 2nd wave of Norwegian black metal, which is something rare nowadays in modern US black metal. It's refreshing but you do get the sense that you have heard this before. The vocals are unique in a way based on the fact that it's not as high as most black metal singers but not cookie monster low like you hear in death metal. It's right smack dab in the middle.

Best track for me as an Immortal fan would be The God. Definitely has a melodic flavor while keeping those blast beats going. Worst song, not a one except the fact that this album has too many interlude tracks. But when you get past the interludes and actual music, it's a god damn good listen with a variety of styles from slow, to Norse core fast and borderline depressive black metal

Mild recommendation due to the fact that the production is not as good as it could be.The guitar I would say is a little to tinny and the drums are a little too loud, but screw it. It's black metal, it's supposed to have terrible production. So with that is said and done, my recommendation when listening to this album is to turn down the treble on your car stereo or whatever you are using to listen to this. Other words do whatever you do to adjust the sound on said stereo when listening to any other underground black metal album

Unadulterated garbage with no musical value - 10%

T_HORROR, May 5th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, Digital, Independent (Bandcamp)

This is the debut release from Aktor, a one-man bedroom black metal band. The reason I came across this flaming trash pile of sound was because this project actually performs shows live, using a drum machine. How dreadful is that!? Apparently, just as dreadful as the actual release.

This is a truly despicable work of "music" that captures all of the worst aspects of black metal and heavy-handedly mashes them together into an awful abomination of a release. I'm not sure how anyone could possibly sit through more than a few minutes of this release, let alone the whole thing, and surely not without cracking up at just how poorly done it is. What the hell was 'Haji Killer' (LOL) thinking when he released this? This contributes nothing to the body of great black metal music released in the past 25 years and is just another shining example of how badly the genre has stagnated and how out-of-touch many of the musicians and fans are within it.

So why is this so abhorrent? Simply put, this is basically a showcase of a poorly-programmed, annoying drum machine with a bit of static behind it (oh, that's supposed to be the guitar), mediocre vocals, and literally nothing else. The drum machine is by far the loudest instrument on this release, so if you're really into electronic music, you might like this album just for that fact.

The guitar sounds like a piece of paper being blown by a fan -- it is difficult to discern any riffs in almost any of the songs because it is so quiet and buried far behind the monotonous drum samples. I have genuinely no idea if there are one guitars or two, except for the occasional guitar solos which are perhaps the only redeeming musical quality on this entire release (when they aren’t being butchered and played off-key). There is no bass either, just a narrow band of guitar frequencies, which I guess might work for the atmosphere of the typical lo-fi black metal recording style – except there are the crystal clear drum samples, so it doesn’t work at all, it just sounds really bad.

The songs go nowhere at all (hard to say though without really hearing any of the riffs), and there is no aesthetic beyond "this is what a drum machine sounds like." The lyrical content is absolutely laughable and cringe-inducingly juvenile. This goes hand-in-hand with Aktor's repeated rants about being labelled a Nazi and how much he despises PC culture -- which really turns whatever shreds of brooding aesthetics this project might have into a hilarious display of fragility and immaturity from somebody who is supposedly a grim badass or whatever his silly band picture is supposed to portray.

To add insult to auditory injury, the whole "appeal" of this release seems to be that it is entirely focused on an anti-Islam message.....yawn.....And its execution is so bad and so fucking blatantly silly that it almost makes me want to convert to Islam just to get away from whatever this cesspool is. The only offensive thing here is that somebody actually took the time to upload this to the internet and somehow thought it would be a good idea to distribute. I haven't seen this level of contrived edginess since sophomore year of high school, where my friends painted their nails black to really stick it to their parents and show how dark their souls were.

The best parts of this album are the stereotypical ambient interludes, if only for the fact that the drum machine stops killing your brain cells for a brief and fleeting moment. The worst parts of this album are literally every single metal song.

If you read through this whole review, congrats! I promise you it was infinitely more entertaining and fulfilling than the release itself. Don't waste your time, and certainly don't bother going to shows with Aktor on the bill. Your ears will thank you and you can spend your money on far more worthy bands. With that said, I wish ‘Haji Killer’ well and I hope down the road he hires some actual musicians, drops the pathetic edgy little act, and starts cranking out some worthy black metal compositions.