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Lo-Fi Masterpiece - 91%

Oligarch, October 10th, 2004

Those who are not fans of extremely lo-fi black metal should stay away from Akitsa, but if lo-fi is your thing, you will love them.
Akitsa play mainly mid-tempo grim black metal with a very simple, almost rock feel at times. Musically very straight forward, nothing fancy. They will throw in clean guitars once in a while for nice atmosphere. The guitar riffs on this album are usually strummed chords, concerned more with painting an atmospheric background, rather than stealing the spotlight.
Vocally, Akitsa are insane. The closest comparison I can make is to the first Burzum album at its most shrieky moments. If you like that vocal style, you will love this album, and Akitsa in general. They also throw in some clean, pagan style, vocals as well for a nice effect.
This album starts off with an intro composed of clean guitars and haunting clean vocals. A mood-setter for what is to come. The second track is one of the few fast/blasting moments on the album. It explodes right away with fast drums, guitars, and terrifying shrieks.
The third track slows down a bit into the mood that will remain for the rest of the album. After this they continue through the album with their unique brand of hypnotic deep-woods metal. This is a very consitent release. You settle into the mood of it right away, and want more when it is over. The only questionable inclusions on this album are a few noisy interludes that are spaced out across the album. They don't really serve a purpose, and are a little distracting from the mood of the album. They are a bit abrasive and interupt the hypnotic flow of the release. Don't let that scare you away though. Its a very minor flaw. This release is highly recommended, as well as any material by this band. Check this out as soon as you can. A legend in the making!