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Dark Sounds for the Meditation Chamber - 83%

XVII, June 4th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Independent (Remastered, Bandcamp)

I learned of Akhlys through The Dreaming I, which bolted me to my chair and demanded my attention a while back. I realized that I had no knowledge of the previous release, Supplication, so here goes.

To begin:

1. This is NOT like The Dreaming I. Do not expect "The Dreaming I" version .05.

2. That's totally fine.

Album structure: You might think you're in an atmospheric intro track and will be patiently waiting for the kick-off. It won't happen. The entire album is a trance; so, once you realize it, your choices are to accept or reject it. If you choose the latter, so be it. I don't think you would have missed out on a life-changing evening; however, I do think you'll miss out on knowing where to go when you need "that album." By "that album," I mean the music you go to for a certain reason. You probably won't work this album into a steady rotation, rather, you'll probably have it at the ready when you need 40 minutes (or so) of dark, meditative sounds that allow you to stand still and move vertically downward into your thoughts or breathing or what have you. Practitioners may want to pick this album up for this reason alone.

Favorite part? It's one of those pieces that will mess with your perception of time. The following dialogue might happen:

-Alright we're about 5 minutes in, right?
-Holy shit it's been 20 minutes!

Or vice-versa, depending on your mood.

Timbre/Production: It is what it is (I HATE that line, but oh well). Personally, I could use more highs and more filters, as it stays pretty consistent in a certain range, but consistency may have been exactly what was intended.

That being said, I especially enjoyed the percussion and vocal timbres that are found here.

Innovation/Originality: If Brian Eno had a different kind of life, he may have made this album. It's not a defining album by any means, but I wouldn't call it a rip-off.

Pick it up. It's a good weapon to have in your collection for certain times.