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Choronzon - 15%

queen_cyanide, February 26th, 2005

Akercocke - Chronozon

I got this CD when it first came out, and for about a month it really impressed me. It takes a lot for a band to be constantly on my playlist, and for a while there, I thought they were absolutely wonderful. Looking back at it now though, I was probably more amazed by the 'idea' of the band, than the music itself. Combining melody, brutality, electronic drums and various metal genre influences, I thought it was a "dream come true" combination.

First off, there are some interesting melody lines (the mellow riff in "Praise The Name of Satan" is exceptional) but unfortunately it just doesn't come across at being cohesive. It's as if the band tried 'too hard' to be emotive in their melodies and thus failed. Technically speaking, I cannot fault the band on their musicianship - however they are severely lacking in the creativity/originality department. The only thing that seperates this band from the others that have the same formula is quality in recording. There is no passion in the music created here, it seems to be formulated/predictable.

It would be nice to make a reference to their older work, and perhaps imply that they used to have passion or a streak of originality, but unfortunately not. If you mixed tracks from "The Rape of Nazarene" with this album it would be impossible to decipher which era each track was from.