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Akerbeltz - Akerhell review - 87%

lordnausea, November 29th, 2007

Before two good works which demonstrated that Akerbeltz are the inheritors of Darkthrone's sound legacy in the Spanish scene, this work called “Akerhell” supposes a new step in their sound without losing the purity of the style.

What is new in this album from the others?. Fist of all we see the length of the album and the number of songs: 7 songs plus an intro and an outro in 57 minutes. So, the meaning is that the songs are longer and along this songs we can hear, as in their previous albums, a black metal in their pure form but now more atmospheric, going deeply into the atmosphere and the darkness of their sound. With a minor dose of violence and aggressiveness, but with cold and melodies they create hypnotic passages of glooms. It does not mean to say that their sound have stopped being raw and powerful!, this is pure black metal!, but more protagonism has been taken by the feeling and the darkness ensued from a major maturity in their compositions. Drums are not at the most of time on high speed, in this album we can hear more calmed drums and double bass-drums. Guitar riffs are cold and evil, really dark too. To understand my words, listen the track number 6 “The pulse of evil”, in this song (one of my favourites) we can find a lot of atmosphere but violent and aggressive passages too, as in their previous albums.

This album brings the evil and raw sound of the band to a higher level, darker, colder…Hear this album and fell how the sunny day turns into dark winter night …