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A Great debut effort - 90%

sinister_one, June 30th, 2011

This is the first release by this band Oregon. This album is heavy and dark with satanic themes and horror stories. Songs like "The Black Flame" and "Satan Calling" both talk directly about satanism. While "The Black Flame" is merely discussing satanism as seen by Anton Lavey (from which the song title is derived). "Satan Calling" talks about how satan tries to draw people in and brainwash us. the title track discusses how we all have satan inside us, not as a spirit but as or own inner self. Other song deal with the end of the world and a horror story about revenge.

This album has heavily down-tuned guitars. mixed with organs, synthesizers & violins. The riffs are mainly simple and slow. certain songs like "Black Water Falls" have a little faster paced riff. Guitar solos are not quite in the for front of this cd. while there and somewhat long in certain songs. Some seem simple while some seem a little more intricate. Also there are a few areas where they use droning guitar noise/rumbling like on the intro to 'The Black Flame" and the bridge section of "Satan Calling". The bass guitar mainly follows the guitar mostly. Simple bass tone, with a slight distortion to it. The drums mainly follow the riffs. They stay slow for the most part. Certain spots they pick up, like in "Satan Calling's" chorus. during the bridge of "The Haunting of Saint Luciferi" and the use of the double bass pedal on the verses on the title track.

Vocally this album is mainly deep growling, with some melodic sining undertones throughout, mainly during choruses. There is use of vocals as effect as in the song "Apocalypse" and the drone section in the title song. Other effect also come from guitar and effect pedals. Certain songs feature sound bytes like the use of "Ave Satan" by composer Jerry Goldsmith at the end of "The Black Flame" to help lead into the next song "Apocalypse". "Satan Calling" uses a sound byte of people discussing the evils of being in a satanic cult. While other songs use sound effect of nature and synthesizer effects.

Most of the song are longer in length. From around 6 minutes to 12 minutes. The only exception in the weird little 3 minute song "A Cold Dark Night", mainly an instrumental except for the spoken / altered voice that says 'A Cold Dark Night'... This album has a few areas where the volume hadn't been adjusted properly, vocals too high or snare drum too high. Some guitar solo areas seem a bit pitchy. And one or two spots the vocals sound a bit grainy. But this doesn't stop me from enjoying this cd. A great debut effort. Worth listening too over and over.