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Great piece of doom - 90%

sinister_one, June 30th, 2011

This is the second release by these Oregon doom metallers. Released only about 7 months after their debut "The Devil Is In All Of You" was released. This album differs slightly from the first release. It features some more faster paced songs, with a little more distortion and short tracks. The longest song is their cover of Electric Wizards "Funeralopolis" which clocks in at 9:10. Everything else is below the 6 minute mark, with the shortest being 2:55.

These songs also differ in lyrical theme. While the first cd had songs more or less about Satan and satanism. This album dives into stories by HP Lovecraft, "The Lurking Fear" & "Creatures In The Walls" loosely based on the story "Rats In The Walls". Also goes into black magic and horror story about the rise of Satan's minions to take over the word. This album, just like the last has a lot of sound effects and sound bytes. This time the album opens with a sound byte from the 1970's Hong Kong movie Black Magic. Vocally not much has changed. Still uses the guttural growl with a touch of melodic singing hidden just below.

These song, unlike their first release dropped the violin pieces. Focusing more on the heavier guitar riffs. Now more of the songs have a faster pace, But, they don't stray too far from the last release. "Children of Evil" sounds like it could have been right on that cd. While "The Lurking Fear" and "Creatures In The Walls" have a newer heavier sound. Also the bass guitar had a little more of a kick and played a little more, even during the slower guitar riffs than the last time. The drums don't change much. Still mainly follow the guitar, with a fill hear and there. The drummer had a few mess ups on "Funeralopolis" but still good.

For me, this was a great album. There were a few small mixing issues as well as some of the drumming issues on "Funeralopolis". But these issues don't detract from how good this cd is. Just means no perfect score. I definitely will purchase their next one.