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PIG! - 70%

PazuzuZlave, June 22nd, 2008

One thing that I’ve always thought was funny about these Christmas-singles Ajattara has released every year is that I most often like the B-side track better than the actual intended single song. Nowhere is this truer than on Sika (Pig). The song itself is a perfect example of what happens when you try to cover a song which never was good to begin with. Its structure can only be described as stale and unconvincing, with its pathetic attempts to sound dominating and aggressive. I’m sure there’s a meaning to this song which I don’t understand, but then again, that’s probably why I don’t like it one bit.

Now, “Tahdon” (I want), on the other hand is everything the title track is not. It is exactly as fast, harsh, and very open-structured as it wants to be, and it feels like there were no restrictions when they wrote it. It breathes and lives the blackened tones of ambience it presents. While the first track was possibly intended as a sing-along song, this one steals the limelight entirely from the first anguished roar to the last seconds of incomprehensible noise. There’s not a single moment of tedium in the close to four minutes.

I hope they keep offering these Christmas-singles, since Ajattara, like everyone else, seems to be extra happy around the holidays. Now, when I say happy, I mean focused. Also, I haven’t yet got the coupon for a free ham (do these guys have their humour intact or what?), and I expect to win it next year. Seek this single out, it’s worth your money. "Tahdon" is, anyway. And you can think of the title track as a bonus. It helps, trust me.