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Let Live - 83%

PazuzuZlave, September 8th, 2005

The more I listen to this album, the better it gets.
It took them a little time, but they actually recorded one of the best melodic black metal albums of 2003. I didn’t like the previous album (Itse), I actually couldn’t stand hearing it. Something made me listen to this several times though.

I think one of the most apparent changes between their debut and this album is the natural feeling they spread on Kuolema. Chilling cold riffs & vicious vocals drive this album forward quite nicely. The spattered-out style vocals (best heard in the chorus of “Surman Henki”) are new, and they completely blow me away. Sometimes, they tend to repeat themselves, but that’s just because near every song has the same tempo. But this type of slow black metal is hard to get bored to, especially if it hooks you from the start. They’ve reused an old demo track. “Helvetissä on Syntinen Taivas” (In hell there’s a sinners heaven) wasn’t featured on Itse, which is strange, because it’s from their first demo (which carries the same name). Anyhow, it probably turned out for the better, because it’s one of the best tracks here.

If they would’ve varied more from track to track, this would’ve been a solid album. Standout tracks include “Antakaa Elää” for it’s simple, yet forceful addictiveness and for being one of the catchiest songs here, “Surman Henki” for it’s undisputable chorus, “Helvetissä on Syntinen Taivas” because it’s just an awesome track, and finally “Rauhassa” which is a perfect way to end the cd. “Rauhassa” also features a little bit of clean vocals with harmonies. It sounds pretty great, it does!

If you seek slow black metal music, this is a perfect example.