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Christmas for very bad kids - 90%

PazuzuZlave, October 23rd, 2005

Ruoja and his crew of joyless musicians have done the unthinkable. They released an actual CD without a black cover. What means this special occasion? Oh, it’s Christmas. [side-note: I’ve always liked christmas although it is founded from christian beliefs]

This cd came as a shock for me (seeing as I hadn’t heard of this at all) as I entered a local record store and suddenly stopped when finding this. “Ajattara” was written on the cover. This white christmas-themed cd… I had to find out more before I bought it, so I asked the store clerk to play me some of it. What came through the headphones was pure beauty.

And sure it was Ajattara. That sort of disturbingly good vibe can only come from that band. I bought the little thingy and listened to it over and over in the car on the way home. I couldn’t stop listening to the first song. It’s actually that good. It featured such perfect riffing, drumming, and screaming as I could take. Hell, even the clean vocals in the chorus couldn’t fit better. The production is crystal clear here. Every little note and detail is displayed in full splendour. The construction of the song is quite perfect also. It all blasts out from the beginning, only to blast out even more a couple of times. This literally saved christmas. Sorry, Santa Claus, you’ve just met your new nemesis! Ajattara may as well record a Christmas album every year and force the bad kids to buy it! Not that they need to be forced, if they’d always record this strong material, that is.

There’s also a second track, “Hei, Tonttu Ukot” which is a traditional Christmas jingle generally sung in Scandinavia with altered lyrics. How sorry this attempt may have been, and how anti-fun it is, it can’t just ruin the effect of the first track. And it’s really fun if you’re drunk!

This is a single. Personally I’m against singles (more than often, they’re a cash grab), but as neither of these songs are available on any other hard copies, I suggest you get your sorry little asses out to the record store and get it!