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Airplane Metal, the Future? No, But Still, Planes - 76%

DeafSparrow, November 30th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Goressimo Records

This was originally published Deaf Sparrow's Facebook page on 21 June 2016. Written by Stanley Stepanic.

This absolutely needed to be reviewed. You should all know Sevared Records, who was in charge of the US distribution of this one and is probably the most important entity in the states for brutal death metal (if you don't mind a heavy dose of misogyny as per the typical aesthetic). In actuality, though, it was primarily released by Goressimo Records from Poland, who is new to me, even though this is the only album in their promo package that got my attention.

The music here can be summarized quickly, which isn't even the reason why I chose to review it. These Italians play a pretty simple form of death grind, but they can also pull out the technical, which puts them ahead of the usual death n' roll barf. As such, it's quite easy for a metal fan to pop in "Terror from the Air." But, there's something more interesting here beyond the music.

If you haven't realized it yet, Airlines of Terror have a thing for planes. In fact, yes, believe it for it's true, this should probably be considered the first example of "plane metal" in the history of music. The album's filled with references to airlines, so much so that you ask "Why?" over and over like a two-year-old. "Funeral Rites Made to Exceed the Speed of Sound" and "Pedophiliac Skyjacking" are just two of the choice titles you'll find in this, along with one of the, perhaps, most ridiculous covers I've ever seen.

Imagine the thought process here. Marco Hasmann is an incredible artist (look him up), and even he had to wonder where this was going. I imagine it went something like this: "Okay, so like we want Christ crucified upside down, but on an F-15 or something, and we want that like over a crowd of zombie believers, and, by the way, give one of them a chicken head." "What?" "Just do it bro." Seriously look near the bottom above the word "air". Amazing. The near total obsession with airplanes here is confusing. I'm not sure if they're entirely serious or looking for laughs, but even their name concerns planes so perhaps I'm just not getting it. No, I am getting it, this is metal about planes and it's just silly. Regardless of the ridiculous aesthetic, though, it's an enjoyable listen, though a simple reiteration of the usual that tends to be more complex. The riffs will catch you here and there, but it's the theme that's really enjoyable, though possibly for the wrong reasons.