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Aigro Mucifelam > Lost Sounds Depraved > Reviews > tallhagillani
Aigro Mucifelam - Lost Sounds Depraved

A fine moment in Raw BM history - 81%

tallhagillani, December 12th, 2007

Powerful, fast & charismatic will be a few words to describe this great effort by “Krof”, yes it is a one man black metal band. Krof has been playing in quite a few bands but he wanted something that he could say that belongs to him & so Aigro Mucifelam was formed.

On this album we’ve 38 minutes of insanely fast drumming, blackish guitar riffs, scary atmosphere and strong & extremely harsh vocals with few & only few strange sound effects. All songs can be related with each other because the upcoming song catches on from where the last song finished and develops continuity & maintains the whole mood. The music is for real black metal fans and is really toxic for newbies & mallcore kids to digest. The production is really immaculate as it gives the raw & primitive feeling while at the same time every instrument except the bass can be heard clearly.

There’s not a single dull or weak moment in the whole album, each & every minute is bliss. All instruments have been played with great musicianship, the drums are as brutal as hell, they cast such a spell that you cannot lose concentration for even a second, the guitars give you something new in every song, the riffs are superb, very blackish & very fast. When combined together the guitars & the drums create such an atmosphere in all songs that is cold & grim as hell and you can feel it. How can we miss out the vocals, because the vocals are brilliant, very powerful, full of anger & hate just like we want them to be.

Aigro Mucifelam has the potential to reach a cult status & it’ll sooner or later, I am really impressed and I’d recommend it to every black metal fan.