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Better that MORGOTH???!!! Is it possible??? - 95%

dismember_marcin, January 14th, 2010

AGORAPHOBIA really did satisfy my taste with a crushing demo titled "Premature Inhumation" from 1990. This was great death metal in its classic style, so I was looking forward to listen to their next recording, "Wailing of Souls " EP the German band did in 1992.

The first impression I got from listening to this EP was that AGORAPHOBIA really made their music more brutal and stronger. Shit, the production is damn heavy and much more “in your face”. And the vocals… The singing style of Tim Eiermann, new vocalist, is more classic death metal, close to BOLT THROWER for instance and it does fuckin’ work for me! With all that – I mean more brutal sound and vocals - the music got a boost AGORAPHOBIA needed, and although the demo was already really good, it has no chance when confronting this EP. The progress the band made within a year is just amazing. My favourite song is the massive, slow, but fuckin’ heavy title track. “Wailing of Souls” has the best elements of both ASPHYX and MORGOTH, starts with great melody and then shreds with the slow riffage, crushing vocals and memorable chorus. There’s even keyboard playing in the background of that song for a while! Anyway, the effect is just astonishing and I love the song! To me it is perfect example for early death metal excellence – catchiness, dark atmosphere, heaviness... But the other two songs, “Amorphous Creature” and “Harassed Consciousness” aren’t any worse! “Amorphous…” is just excellent as it has both mid paced and slow riffing, while “Harassed…” is just a total mosh-friendly motherfucker with few DEATH-influenced riffs.

Listening to the entire EP is just a pleasure for every death maniac. AGORAPHOBIA music has everything that was essential for early death metal albums. I can honestly say that even if so many years has passed since this music has been recorded, it still sounds excellent and fresh and it is just a shame and something I cannot understand why / how such a good band like AGORAPHOBIA remained unnoticed. I don’t think many fans got a chance to know their music at that time and unfortunately also the labels seemed not to be interested in signing yet another death metal band, despite the fact they had such a quality stuff recorded. Shame and a great loss! Luckily some fans saved these songs from being forgotten. Get it!